Compared with other industries and materials leather cutting requires maximum attention and increased effort. Therefore, especially in the leather industry, the desire for a high degree of automation has always been present. We have set ourselves the task and have intensively studied the entire production process. With our solutions we strongly influenced the leather market. Effective and high-level course will cover topics such as smart order management, leather administration, leather scanning, powerful nesting and pr ecise cutting.


Before entering to leather cutting market, Kuris accumulated a valuable experience on the Turkish market by selling CAD for textile. Our success on this market was based on this simple and honest selling strategy: any useful feature of the system must be standardized.

A standardized Program package means that even for the cheapest cutting system the customer will benefit from all high-end technologies like automatic leather digitizing and automatic nesting, bar-code labeling system, printed reports, video-projection system, etc.

Cutting leather by using the Kuris automatic system is a very simple STEP by STEP process:

Production Plan 1 Styles and patterns import and conversion, production quantity management, work distribution on one or several cut stations
Leather Scan 2 Leather contour automatic detection, Quality zone declaration on 5 levels using video-projection, bar-code label printing, leather purchase report
Automatic Nest 3 Automatic and interactive nesting directly on leather, automatic quality zone matching, easy to use wireless mouse and keyboard
Cut 4 Automatic cutting and marking using a variety of tools: oscilating knife, round knife, laser, punch with different diameters, drills, pens
Collect 5 Interactive and efficient piece collecting procedure after cut, using video-projection. Different collecting methods depending on production type
Reports 6 Comprehensive reports for leather stock, cut efficiency, consumptions, minimarkers, production quantity reports
Leather Digitizing Automatic Nesting Barcode System Database & Reports

System configuration – from 10 to 1000 hides / day, we have the solution

The system can be configured for any production volume from very small workshops where they cut just few hides every day up to large factories with hundreds of hides to be cut daily.

Small System: All on cutter Medium system: In Line
Compact configuration, with a low purchase price, offering all features of a large system: leather scan, automatic nesting, collect and reports. All these operations are performed directly on cutter table, in a very fast and efficient process. This cutter is suitable for workshops and small factories, up to 50 hides /day. To increase the productivity, the process is splitted into 3 steps: 1- leather scan and nesting, 2 – cutting, 3- collecting. But these three steps are performed directly on the machine: a conveyor belt is moving the leather from one stage to another, in a continuous and efficient workflow. This configuration is recommended for medium factories, that cut up to 200 hides/day

Large System: Split process, Off-Line

For large production volume, the solution is to split the workflow completely: leather hides will be scanned directly in the warehouse when they are delivered by suppliers. Nesting is done in a separate department, directly on screen or using nesting tables. The cut room will have several cutters, depending on production volume. The integration of these three departments is done easily using an efficient and powerful database and bar-code system.

The Cutter Collection – cutters for all pockets and production levels