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Spreading and cutting machines for the automotive sector

Our systems are not only used in the automotive sector, but also in shipbuilding, aerospace technology and railways. The focus is on the manufacture of fabric and leather seats, interiors, convertible roofs, door panels and floor mats. Our wide range of machines makes it possible to process any material. What we also value when developing our systems is ease of use. After training, your employees will be able to carry out most of the service work independently. This is not only practical, but also saves money.


Kuris machines for textiles

We have developed a special cutting head for cutting 100 mm of foam-laminated material.


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Kuris machines for leather

Cutting leather requires a lot of know-how and special solutions. With systems from Kuris you achieve high performance, the best nesting results which lead to low waste. Further advantages: With the double cutter there is no standing still time of the cutting bridge and with the double bridge almost a doubled efficiency.


Kuris machines for mats

In order to be able to perfectly cut rmats, we have developed special carpet cutting heads. Like all of our machines, these are also characterized by their high speed.


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Advantages - this is what you can expect from Kuris spreading and cutting machines

  • Maximum precision and flexibility through the choice of different knife strengths and tools
  • Minimal set-up times thanks to the freely accessible parking position
  • Ease of maintenance due to robust mechanic and good accessibility
  • Logical, comprehensible and easy to learn operation through innovative display / HMI
  • Energy-saving and environmentally friendly thanks to adjustable vacuum and minimal use of lubricants
  • No service contracts / licenses required
  • Worldwide sales and service network

Our areas of application

The areas of application of the systems from Kuris Spezialmaschinen GmbH include the automotive industry, the clothing industry, the furniture industry, technical textiles, aerospace engineering, shipbuilding, trains, construction industry and renewable energy like wind power or solar energy.



Automotive industry


Clothing industry

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Furniture industry


Technical Textiles


Aerospace Engineering






Construction industry


Renewable Energy

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