APPAREL industry

Spreading and cutting machines for the apparel industry

Whether for knitted, woven and knitted goods, jeans, bags or accessories: Kuris spreading and cutting machines are known for their precision in cutting, flexibility, ease of use and durability. Thanks to our worldwide sales and service network, we are always available to our customers and can react quickly. Do you need a special solution? We develop and manufacture these according to your requirements.

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Kleinmaschinen Varianten

Kuris small machines

Thanks to the modular design, the small series from Kuris can be expanded at any time. Another plus: it is also compatible with older machines. Our customers don't have to worry about spare parts: they are available for a long time.


Kuris machines for woven and knitted fabrics for large-scale production

From advice to machine design to the concept for all quantities: With us you get everything from a single source. The Kuris mass production combines maximum productivity and minimum personnel costs.


Kuris machines for the manufacture of jeans

Jeans are a special material that needs special processing. We have not only created the right machines for this, but also a corresponding concept.


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benefits –
you can expect fron machines from Kuris

  • Maximum precision and flexibility through the choice of different knife strengths and tools
  • Minimal set-up times thanks to the freely accessible parking position
  • Ease of maintenance due to robust mechanic and good accessibility
  • Logical, comprehensible and easy to learn operation through innovative display / HMI
  • Energy-saving and environmentally friendly thanks to adjustable vacuum and minimal use of lubricants
  • No service contracts / licenses required
  • Worldwide sales and service network

Our areas of application

The areas of application of the systems from Kuris Spezialmaschinen GmbH include the automotive industry, the clothing industry, the furniture industry, technical textiles, aerospace engineering, shipbuilding, trains, construction industry and renewable energy like wind power or solar energy.



Automotive industry


Clothing industry

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Furniture industry


Technical Textiles


Aerospace Engineering






Construction industry


Renewable Energy

You want more experience &
to get in touch with us?

The comprehensive product range also enables solutions for your needs. In our demonstration center, laying and cutting machines are available for general demonstrations as well as for testing with your own materials. Make an appointment with us.
We are happy to help!


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